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Hi I’m Bill

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I’m a …..

Digital product designer, musician, co-host of the Awake In mindfulness podcast, public speaker, and writer.

I’m based in London, and I’ve worked around the world for a variety of companies large and small including Google, Canon, and Warp Records.

I mentor aspiring designers, and I’ve taught design for Adobe, General Assembly, and Designlab. I want to help make technology a force for good in the world.

New horizons

TL;DR – I’m looking for a principal design role involving vision / strategy / workshop facilitation / design sprints.

Making music social again

Endlesss is a startup with a bold aim: Make fun and collaboration the default for electronic music making.

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I’m no fan of Zuckerberg properties, but somehow I’m still keeping a couple of Instagram accounts going.

Art and music

Videos, soundtracks, and experiments with machine learning art. Link

Design & photography

Reflections on process, design, and photography. Link