A standing Invitation

Just a quick note to say – if you want to talk design, meditation, coaching, or music, I’d love to hear from you!
Contact me via the email below, or hit me up on Mastodon.

Recruiters – if I haven’t flagged that I’m looking for work, then please don’t write! 🙏

Some notes:

  • I like getting email from interesting people. I never regret getting email from designers, meditators, musicians, startups, students, or people interested in the music or technology industries. Feel free to write! I’m happy to help if I can, or pass you on to someone better qualified when I can’t.
  • I like reading great articles, and listening to great talks. If you’ve written something on any of the above, or come across an amazing link you think I’d like, please send it over.
  • I like meeting new people – I live in East London, so if you’re visiting, do get in touch! Let’s meet for a coffee. Happy to advise on design events and other things to do also.

General Tips on Emailing Busy People

  • Specific questions are better than vague requests.  Here’s a vague request: “I was wondering if you could mentor me.”  Without any details, I have no clue how I could provide value to you.  Here’s a specific question: “I’m working on a prototype for a new music creation app, I wonder if you could give me some feedback on the interface?” I love this kind.
  • If I don’t respond, it’s probably me, not you.  Trust me, I don’t hate you.  If I don’t write back, the overwhelmingly likely reason is that I am swamped and it’s been lost in my inbox.  Maybe I’m close to a release at work, out on tour, in the park with my son, or deep in the studio.
  • Feel free to ping me later and ask if I received your email. Again, you won’t annoy me.  The absolute worst case scenario is that I’m still busy, but I will probably write back.
  • Conciseness is a virtue. The best length for a first email is a paragraph, and the ideal number of decisions you ask me to make in an email is ONE.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you.

Drop me a line: